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VIN Connect – ADAS

Reliable ADAS Insights, Vehicle-Level Precision

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) play an important role in driver safety, reducing the quantity and severity of vehicle impacts. Due to variations across make, model and year, understanding which safety features are included on a vehicle is often a blind spot.

CCC® VIN Connect – ADAS leverages VIN data to offer underwriters a clear view of available ADAS features on select vehicles. It is now possible to improve risk assessment at the point of quote.


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Hone In By VIN

With this innovative tool, insurance carriers can now spotlight included features on individual vehicles when assessing new and existing policies.

VIN Connect – ADAS eliminates guesswork based on generic data and build reports.


Here’s How It Works



Multi-source build data and operation codes are deciphered, restructured according to industry standards and presented in a consistent, logical format.


The newly refined data flows through an API allowing insurers to easily incorporate it into their quoting and rating process based on VIN.


A vehicle’s unique ADAS features, now considered at the point of quote, allows for customized pricing decisions and offers by insurers.


CCC Underwriting Solutions

VIN Connect – ADAS, part of the CCC® VIN Connect portfolio, is only the beginning.



VIN Connect –

Bringing underwriters new-found accuracy to personalized policy decisions, this tool virtually collects near real-time driving behavior data and verifies mileage, all without dongles or add-on technology.

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Quick View

This solution helps insurance carriers detect pre-existing damage and high-risk conditions at the point of sale. Through a guided mobile experience, drivers can quickly, and digitally, document their vehicle’s condition from their phone.

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More precise assessment processes can grow
customer quote satisfaction
and policy profitability.

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