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Who is CCC

Whether you’re a repairer, an insurer, an auto manufacturer, or any other provider in this interconnected industry, CCC’s technology can power your business, people, and systems. Data, advanced AI, and your ecosystem come together like never before to create experiences that just work for everyone.

Crash Course 2024 Q2!

Crash Course is one of the industry’s most trusted reports. Published to help insurance, collision repair, and mobility leaders make the most informed decisions, this Q2 2024 edition of Crash Course contains recent data and insights on topics important to the industry.

When life brings the unexpected, CCC turns crucial moments into satisfying, intelligent experiences where everything just works.

Watch the video to learn about CCC's vision to make life just work for the P&C insurance economy.

Intelligent experiences: designed to deliver optimal outcomes every time.

Intelligent experience (IX) revolutionizes how humans and businesses in the P&C insurance economy interact with technology - and each other. By aligning and optimizing the power of data, advanced AI, and ecosystems, we’re enabling adaptable, hyper-personalized experiences that just work for everyone - customers, businesses, and employees.