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March 23, 2022

CCC Bodily Injury Evaluation Worksheet: Streamlining third-party casualty claim evaluation and review

CCC Bodily Injury Evaluation Worksheet:

Streamlining third-party casualty claim evaluation and review

By Erik BahnsenIn the fast-paced world of Casualty claims, the ability to implement a streamlined, consistent, and efficient adjudication workflow is a necessity. Today, the industry is facing formidable external and internal challenges:

  • Inflation is rising at its highest rate in 40 years, with third-party medical billing often outpacing CPI benchmarks.
  • The Great Resignation: Abnormally high adjuster attrition related to post-pandemic trends has underscored the need for tools and technology to optimize user experience and eliminate workflow inefficiencies.
  • Data Application: Increased access to data can provide insights to quickly identify and address adjudication opportunities and drive accuracy — but only if accessible.

To help our clients overcome these challenges and better serve claimants, CCC is introducing new technologies to streamline third-party casualty claim resolution, such as our Bodily Injury Evaluation Worksheet (BIEW).Integrating directly into the CCC Injury Evaluation Solutions (IES) third-party casualty claim workflow, the BIEW provides a digital guide to document third-party claims information for fast, accurate resolutions. The CCC Bodily Injury Evaluation Worksheet is anticipated to debut in Q2..With the addition of the BIEW, IES will serve as a “one-stop shop” for all third-party organization, adjudication, and documentation needs. The BIEW will:

  • Populate existing Medical Bill Review output into a final Evaluation Worksheet to reduce keystrokes and improve accuracy.
  • Prompt the capturing of wage loss, permanency, general damages, future medical specials, and other considerations to achieve a comprehensive data capture.
  • Support the capture of negotiation and payment milestones.

The BIEW’s clean, concise, and comprehensive layout will create an intuitive experience for users. The UX also provides training benefits, functioning as a checklist for evaluation, adjudication, and negotiation considerations.Improved, consistent data capture will also contribute to new insights. Claims leaders will be able to better pinpoint opportunities across special damages, general damages, negotiation, and overall outcomes at all levels of hierarchy, from enterprise users to the individual users. Standard and customer-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) can be tracked internally via real-time dashboards. Additionally, all data points can be exported and mapped to carrier claim platforms, helping eliminate duplicative work and manual error.Claims supervisors will be able to review all pertinent details of an injury claim evaluation to ensure alignment for pre-settlement authority. Quality Assurance resources will be able to review a closed file for accurate indemnification and adherence to the company’s workflow and best practices. By capturing this data in the claim workflow, CCC is bringing added efficiency to the pre-settlement and post-settlement QA processes.CCC is committed to helping our clients meet new challenges, expand insights, and create a better experience for all constituents. The BIEW is expected to launch Q2 2022.Visit our Third-Party Casualty page to learn more and request a demo.