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December 30, 2020

2020: The Year in Connected Data

In an unprecedented year, our focus as a company has been on helping our clients navigate the challenges of 2020. The primary challenge has been to help CCC clients forge new ways of connecting – with their customers and with each other – amidst a pandemic that has wrought so much disconnection and isolation.

As with other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought swift change to the automotive and insurance worlds, shifting customer needs and expectations and transforming business forever. Companies utilizing connected systems have been able to stay nimble to the evolving market, while those with more data silos were at a disadvantage.

Through a combination of mobile, AI, and IoT solutions, CCC is helping clients adapt by digitizing experiences, workflows, and relationships to streamline transactions, deliver actionable insights, and accelerate connections.

The articles below tell the story of an ecosystem harnessing the power of connected data to keep customers’ lives moving forward when it matters most. From our virtual inspection and mobile texting solutions to our parts e-commerce and telematics technology – CCC is powering forward, transforming industries for a new tomorrow.

Insurers Embrace AI-Supported Claims in Response to COVID-19

CCC reports that insurance carriers show strong growth and sustained use of photos as a method of inspection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, exceeding double-digit growth since the beginning of the year. Read more.

Quick View: CCC Delivers a Virtual Inspection Solution for Underwriters

With Quick View, auto underwriters can efficiently and affordably complete vehicle inspections virtually by offering policyholders a mobile app to easily capture vehicle photos and share with the insurers within minutes. Once photos are received, CCC’s proven AI-enabled photo analytics and Damage Detection Heatmaps® are applied, allowing insurers to assess vehicle condition, including the identification of pre-existing damage. Read more.

Parts eCommerce Adoption Accelerates in 2020

CCC reports accelerated growth in parts e-commerce adoption, with daily live parts quotes delivered by participating CCC® Parts Network suppliers growing from 12 million in 2019 to 20 million in 2020. The CCC Parts Network connects a dynamic community of collision parts buyers and sellers using a single platform, improving sales, and delivering efficiencies for everyone involved. Read more.

Volkswagen Car-Net® selects CCC Information Services as Exclusive Provider of Insurance Telematics Services

The new agreement between Volkswagen and CCC turns driving data into action, delivering personalized experiences for Volkswagen Car-Net subscribers to enable discounted insurance rates, via CCC VIN Connect. This newly released solution applies driving behavior data at the point-of-quote, making it fast and easy for eligible consumers to connect with potential insurance discounts. Read more.