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April 16, 2019

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to CCC ONE®

If you’re a current CCC® Comp Est user, you’re already enjoying the benefits of electronic estimating and Open Shop insurer assignments. But if it’s been awhile since you last considered your estimating software options, you could be missing out on even more powerful features. Are you ready for an upgrade?

Let’s explore some of the best reasons to upgrade to the CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform.

1. Mobility

Our mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. What if you could write estimates using your mobile device?

When you upgrade to CCC ONE, you can write estimates from your tablet device using our CCC® Touch app or on our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Data will automatically sync across all your devices, including your desktop computer, eliminating the need to rekey information. And rather than waiting in the lobby, customers can participate in the estimating process, creating a more trustworthy, interactive experience.

2. Quality

As vehicles become increasingly complex, body shops need to be sure that repairs are done correctly and on schedule. But it’s difficult to ensure processes are followed on every repair.

When you add features like CCC® Checklists and CCC® Repair Methods to your CCC ONE platform, you can be sure your staff has their standard operating procedures and repair procedures in the system they already use every day for estimating. Because that information is encoded into the CCC ONE, they never have to go hunting for it. The result is better compliance with the processes defined by management.

3. Customer Expectation

The modern customer has high expectations – and not just about the quality of the repair. We’re all consumers, and we’ve been influenced by easy-to-use apps and websites like Amazon and OpenTable. That means the bar has been raised when we work with other types of businesses, including body shops.

Customers want an interactive experience, and they want to be kept informed of the status of their repair. By upgrading to CCC ONE, you can gain access to tools like CCC® UpdatePlus and CCC® Engage. UpdatePlus sends your customers friendly updates to their phone or email on the status of their repair and gathers feedback with customer surveys. Engage offers customers a digital check-in and the ability to make appointments online, 24/7. When you improve the customer’s experience with your shop, you also improve CSI and capture rate.

Plus, every shop using CCC ONE has free access to, where customers search every day for shops in their area. Upgrade to set up your Carwise profile and get found.

If you’re ready to revisit your estimating software options, click here or call us at 877-208-6155 for more information.