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November 14, 2023

SEMA 2023 Recap: CCC's Game-Changing Solutions

This year at SEMA - the ultimate gathering for auto enthusiasts and professionals - CCC was among the many exhibitors showcasing innovations shaping the industry's future, including several new solutions designed to revolutionize the way repair shops operate in this new era of complex vehicles and digital-first customers.

Here's a breakdown of the new solutions we rolled out to our customers at SEMA 2023:

  • CCC® AMPLIFY: Empowering Shops with Instant Online Presence. At the heart of CCC's showcase was CCC® Amplify, a solution that helps shops launch a professional-looking website in minutes. This innovation, aligned with the industry's increasing digitalization trend, was particularly well-received given the growing emphasis on digital accessibility highlighted in SEMA's educational sessions.
  • CCC® DIAGNOSTICS WORKFLOW: Making Diagnostics Operations Easier. Addressing the challenges faced in diagnostics management, CCC® Diagnostics Workflow proved to be a game-changer. Efficient workflow management was a recurring session topic at SEMA, emphasizing the need for more streamlined processes. CCC's solution, which helps shops keep track of every scan, understand which vehicles still need them, and seamlessly integrates insurer rates, perfectly aligned with the industry's demand for efficient operations.
  • CCC ONE® ESTIMATING IQ, MOBILE JUMPSTART: Estimating Anywhere, Anytime. Mobile estimating solutions were also a hot topic in discussions at SEMA, reflecting the industry's need for flexibility. Mobile Jumpstart, a new feature of CCC ONE® Estimating IQ, directly addresses this demand, allowing estimators to initiate and complete estimates from anywhere, whether at the shop or in the field, on a mobile device. This flexibility was a crucial point of interest for many SEMA attendees.
  • CCC® REPAIR METHODS: Accessible OEM Repair Procedures. SEMA sessions emphasized the importance of adhering to manufacturer guidelines and understanding the significance of accessing OEM repair procedures, which made CCC® Repair Methods an exciting new product of interest. This solution gives technicians a subscription to a wide range of OEM repair guidelines that they can access right from the shop floor.
  • CCC® ENGAGE | REPAIR COST PREDICTOR: Data-Driven Estimating. Data-driven estimating was a focal point in SEMA discussions, emphasizing the industry's move towards precision and efficiency. CCC® Engage's new Repair Cost Predictor feature, which generates AI-driven projected estimate ranges, perfectly aligned with this trend. By integrating predictive analytics into the estimating process, CCC responded to the industry's call for accuracy and speed, as highlighted in SEMA's informative sessions.
  • CCC ENGAGE | APPOINTMENTS THROUGH GOOGLE RESERVE: Enhanced Customer Engagement. The importance of customer engagement was also discussed. CCC Engage's integration with Google Reserve, which allows seamless appointment scheduling, aligned with this. By simplifying the appointment booking process, CCC Engage empowers shops to improve their customers' experience, aligning with the industry's evolving customer-centric approach discussed at SEMA 2023.

CCC's presence at SEMA 2023 wasn't just about products -- it was about introducing new solutions that meet the auto repair industry's most pressing needs. Our goal is to continue setting new standards in the auto repair industry, improving practicality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction for our valued customers.

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