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March 23, 2020

Operating in the COVID-19 Environment: Helping Customers and Operations Navigate a Touchless Claims Experience

Mobile MOI helps to enable digital claims, deliver customer experience, and improve cycle times. With COVID-19, and calls for Social Distancing, mobile MOI is emerging as an essential tool to support claims staff and policyholders.COVID-19 (coronavirus) is moving quickly across the globe and with each passing day we learn more about the virus from medical experts. Social Distancing, the practice of limiting personal contact, is being enforced across the US to deter the spread of the virus. Despite the recommended distancing, cars are still being driven and accidents are occurring, albeit at a lower frequency.When accidents do occur, there is a new set of pressures on carriers to deliver a holistic claims experience for their customers while maintaining strict safety protocols for their employees. Insurance companies who have implemented digital capabilities via mobile to facilitate estimation and downstream claims processing are most prepared to deliver a seamless experience, particularly in today’s environment. Doing so helps protect the safety of their customers and employees in an efficient manner.Read the White Paper.