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November 14, 2023

InsureTech Connect 2023 Recap: AI Everywhere

Lessons Learned @ ITC

AI was the hot topic at InsureTech Connect 2023. From Gary Vaynerchuk's keynote to the closing reception, the spotlight was on both the promise and potential pitfalls of this exploding technology.

CCC's Chief Technology Officer John Goodson participated in an Executive Forum from Cognizant to discuss what modernization means for insurers, how to harness innovation within their ecosystems, and what the future of AI will bring.

And in a panel discussion, CCC's Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Silva, Datos Insights' Deb Zawisza, and industry expert Shawn Broadfield explored AI's ability to unlock the next evolution of straight-through strategy. The takeaway? AI is on track to enable a holistic claims experience without compromising policyholder empathy.

For more of Silva's thoughts on the conference, check out his top 5 takeaways here.

CCC Solutions @ ITC

CCC is now covering more corners of the claims journey than ever, introducing new solutions that get data into claims handlers' and casualty adjusters' hands earlier than ever. Featured at the CCC booth were innovative solutions integrating AI capabilities across payments, subrogration, STP, and more.

  • NEW! CCC® First Look: AI analysis provides crucial information earlier in the claims workflow to improve both employee and consumer experiences.
  • NEW! CCC Impact Dynamics: Delta-v photo AI analysis helps carriers spot injury potential early and informs casualty claims segmentation and routing, early settlement opportunities, and reserve management.
  • CCC® Estimate - STP: Transforms photos of vehicle damage into line-level estimates in seconds through a powerful combination of advanced AI, automated insurer rules, and a deep, connected network.
  • CCC® Casualty Solutions: Expedites first and third party casualty claims resolution with configurable, intuitive workflows to automate segmentation and complex injury data analysis for an end-to-end claims experience.
  • CCC® Subrogation: Advanced AI and automated insurer rules help identify more subrogation opportunities, improve efficiencies, minimize leakage, and recover more dollars.
  • CCC® Payments: Embedded digital payment and Direction to Pay workflows automate multi-line claims disbursements and reduces cycle times from days to minutes.
  • NEW! CCC® Intelligent Reinspection*: Automates tedious but necessary reinspection tasks to expedite claims resolution and save adjusters' valuable time.

Final Takeaway @ ITC

The insurance landscape is evolving, and the era of AI-driven claims processing is here to stay. Carriers are on the cusp of creating more efficient and empathetic claims experiences so they can navigate hard market challenges while improving policyholder satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

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