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April 28, 2021

Digitizing the Path to Resolution

Accidents happen. But it's what comes next that matters most - both for insurers and their customers. Earlier access to key accident facts can drive a quick, informed claims process.Today, although insurers have rapidly adopted mobile solutions, according to CCC research about 56% of FNOL data is still logged via phone calls from drivers to their insurance company. To best support policyholders, insurance carriers should consider being equipped to handle either scenario.CCC® Accident Documentation can begin customer engagement before a claim is even filed, changing what is typically a manual, labor intensive process to one that is more digitized and consumer-centric. Powered by mobile technology and network integrations, it allows for critical details to be captured, even while still at the accident scene, and submitted as early as possible so next steps can get underway, from initiating a claim to connecting drivers to a repair facility. Case by case flexibility helps accommodate drivers of both connected and un-connected cars, either by automatically launching Accident Documentation via app or by an agent via text. And, since it is part of the CCC insurer customer experience platform, all this can be done seamlessly through one single mobile experience. This growing collection of customizable mobile solutions is specifically designed to simplify an insurer and their customers interactions.Watch to learn more.

To help insurers understand claim needs and risk exposure, the Accident Documentation experience leads drivers through an intuitive series of questions and photo prompts - what type of accident was it? was anyone injured? where did it take place? can you take a photo of the damage?, was a 3rd party involved?, etc. And just last year, 91% of new vehicles on the road were connected, signaling that more convenience through functionality, such as pre-populating policy details, is on the horizon. In fact, when an insurer implements the connected version of Accident Documentation, CCC research found they could see a 9-day improvement to cycle time.

The fluidity provides a better, more supportive customer experience, right from the start. This tool makes it possible to guide the moments after an accident and convert incident to claim, faster and easier. Policyholders are now that much closer to putting this event behind them.Insurers can also improve efficiency by capturing consistent data and enabling earlier alerts to AI-driven predictions of a potential total loss vs. ability to repair. Additionally, they can reduce costs as they streamline routing.Adding to the advantages, the connectivity of Accident Documentation to other CCC experiences, such as Quick Estimate and Quick Valuation, provide even more opportunities to bring about resolution, sooner.Proactive insurers focus on the big picture. They consider how to give their policyholders more control over their claims experience, keep them informed and provide a path to help them get back on the road, all while boosting their own operational productivity. A key piece to the puzzle, Accident Documentation offers each side a modern, tech-forward response to an age-old question asked in the face of uncertainty - what happens now?Learn more about CCC Accident Documentation here.