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March 17, 2021

Covid-19 Massively Reshaped Trends and Behaviors Across the P&C Insurance Experience

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announces the publication of Crash Course 2021, revealing industry-leading insights on the business, consumer, environmental, and technology trends shaping the P&C insurance economy. The report provides a substantive view of how Covid-19 reshaped the industry with shifts in driving behavior, attitudes toward personal mobility, adoption of telematics-enabled usage-based insurance, and exponential growth in the digitization of operations across the claims and repair experience.“Crash Course illustrates how Covid-19 impacted our industry and the trajectory of change moving forward,” said Susanna Gotsch, director, lead analyst, CCC and Crash Course author. “CCC has published Crash Course for 26 years and this edition reveals unprecedented change. And though we expect some changes like miles driven to revert to pre-pandemic levels, we project other changes will become the new baseline as photos, mobile, AI, and customer demands have reset expectations and changed how we work.”The 130-page report draws insights from decades of experience from processing more than 200-million claims-related transactions, 50-billion miles of driving data, and millions of auto BI and PIP/MedPay casualty claims. CCC is committed to providing the industry with information and data to create more visibility into what’s ahead, informing understanding to positively impact business outcomes.Key topics covered in Crash Course 2021 include:

  • The rise of tech-enabled DIY customer experiences in insurance.
  • How Covid-19 became the spark for consumers to take another look at usage-based insurance.
  • Why 2020 saw more severe accidents and the impact on the repair process.
  • Covid-19’s impact on the casualty claims process and healthcare.
  • The role of vehicle technology in increasing repair costs.

Added Gotsch, “To help make sense of the rapidly changing market dynamics and accelerating innovations, the Crash Course team is evolving how we bring information to you. We’re excited to deliver a unique Crash Course report each quarter in 2021, sharing the most current data available and even timelier insights.”In addition to macro trends and topics, CCC’s Crash Course 2021 report also includes industry-level detail on new and used vehicle market dynamics, claims frequency, total loss and repair trends, parts utilization, and much more.Download the Crash Course 2021 report for free at