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October 5, 2020

CCC Trends with Susanna Gotsch - COVID-19 Disrupts and Accelerates Demographic Trends

The ‘shelter-at-home’ directive that took place across most of the U.S. this spring shed new light on just how different ‘home’ is across the U.S., and led to a number of new, enhanced, accelerated or disrupted demographic trends. Time spent commuting to work grew in the last two decades as populations gravitated toward metro areas across the U.S., but remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted that, perhaps permanently. New research shows that employers are anticipating 10% of their full-time workers will work from home 5 days per week post-pandemic, and 35% of companies report that the date for re-opening their workplaces is still unknown. This increase in remote work as a result of the pandemic may not only impact traffic congestion, but may have long-term impacts on where employees choose to live, miles driven in the U.S., and accident severity. In the issue of CCC Trends, analyst Susanna Gotsch explores these trends and what potential impact they may have on the automotive industry. Download the full PDF report here.