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October 13, 2021

CCC Trends: The Continued & Forecasted Impact of the Pandemic on the P&C Insurance Economy

With the COVID-19 pandemic still not fully behind us, it remains difficult to know just what life will be like once we emerge. Businesses continue to adapt, evaluating key issues like employee safety, supply-chain sourcing, and telecommuting. Key demographic factors like how and where people live and work, what habits they’ve formed during the pandemic, population growth and aging, and more have been transformed.There continue to be two major factors impacting our industry and the frequency and cost of auto accidents/claims: a) distinctly different driving and traffic patterns and b) supply chain disruptions. Each is either a direct by-product of the pandemic or has resulted in market shifts.In this month's CCC Trends, CCC Senior Director of Industry Analytics Susanna Gotsch shares insights on where the market is now, and what we might expect in the months to come. Download the report here.