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April 28, 2014

CCC ONE Touch Changes Everything

It all started three years ago with the introduction of CCC ONE Mobile for the iPhone. The first reaction from customers was, “WOW! This is awesome.”  The second reaction? “When can I write an estimate on this?”After the release of CCC ONE Mobile for Android, and a year later, CCC ONE Tablet for the iPad, we heard it again. Now, after two years of development, CCC is proud to announce the general availability of CCC ONE Touch for Windows 8.1. It’s the industry’s first and only app designed for writing estimates on a tablet device. This is the fourth iteration of our mobile strategy, and the feedback from users has been incredible. We had over 1,000 CCC ONE customers pre-register for CCC ONE Touch, and we started deploying the app in early December and throughout the first quarter.We thought customers would say that CCC ONE is saving a ton of time – no more clipboards, no more cameras. And while we do hear that, what we were surprised to hear is that CCC ONE is changing the way they are thinking about their business process. Users are telling us they are changing the way the engage their customers. No longer is the estimator sending the customer into the office, but instead engaging him or her at the car as the estimate is being written. With CCC ONE Touch, the estimator can complete the entire estimate, come to an agreement with the customer at the car, and print or share via email without ever having to walk in the shop. Imagine that customer going to another shop that comes out with the camera and clipboard. Who do you think he or she will choose for the repair?CCC ONE Touch is now available to all CCC ONE customers that subscribe to digital imaging. We highly recommend visiting the CCC ONE Touch webpage for a complete list of Windows 8.1 devices that we have certified for CCC ONE Touch. There are many devices in the market that have similar specs and will run CCC ONE, but surprisingly many do not have auto focus cameras making VIN scanning nearly impossible. Each device we recommend has been completely tested both in our lab and in the field and has been proven to take advantage of all the features of CCC ONE Touch.CCC ONE Touch is the fourth iteration of our mobile strategy, but it is not our last. Stay tuned for more enhancements to CCC ONE Touch, as well as some exciting new enhancements coming for CCC ONE Mobile for iPhones.