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November 21, 2019

How to delete a work file in CCC ONE

Have you ever had a file in CCC ONE that appears to be “stuck”?

Sometimes you may notice a file in the Delete Work File selection (Action Tab) that appears to be grayed out. To delete this file, you will need to temporarily disable your communications. Follow the steps below to remove the file and enable your communications.

  1. Log into CCC ONE and switch from My Work to Configuration by using the blue icon at the top left corner of the page
  1. Once in Configuration click on Settings at bottom left corner
  1. Click Communications towards the top left
  2. Set to Do Not Communicate
  1. Go back to My Work by clicking the blue icon at the top left
  1. Go to the correct file and under Actions select Delete Workfile
  1. Go back to blue icon on top left and select Configuration
  1. Go to Settings at Bottom left, Up to Communications and select Inspected
  1. All done you are now turned back on and problem solved. The file should be gone from your system.