CCC Diagnostics

What It Does

Based on customizable profiles, CCC ONE users are prompted to add diagnostic procedures to estimates based on customer type, vehicle make, or model year. A new dashboard identifies which repairs need pre- or post-repair scans and diagnostic operations performed but not been properly billed.

How It Works

Repairers configure profiles in CCC ONE to define diagnostic operations (i.e., pre- or post-repair scans or specific calibrations) with preferred scan type (aftermarket or OEM) and pricing for the shop and insurer as well as alerts for OEM certification requirements. Then, while writing the estimate, estimators are prompted with those pre-configured operations and pricing based on the customer and vehicle. The diagnostics dashboard identifies repairs that need pre- and/or post-repair scans along with estimates that do not properly reflect work completed.

Customer Success Story

CCC Diagnostics Workflow takes the guesswork out of our scanning decisions.

Diagnostics Network Providers*

Regardless of whether shops choose to add CCC Diagnostics Workflow, diagnostic operations performed with these providers will have their scan reports automatically attached to the CCC ONE workfile.

*CCC ONE license required to activate connections to scan providers. Diagnostics providers are third party providers which are not CCC companies. Activation of solution will require a separate merchant agreement with selected provider.