Defining Intelligent Experience

An intelligent experience is one that just works for everyone involved in an interaction - the customer, the business, and employees. Intelligent experiences synthesize these different perspectives to help deliver the optimal outcome for everyone involved by orchestrating data, advanced AI, and ecosystems at scale.

By pioneering intelligent experiences for the P&C insurance economy, CCC is on a mission to shape a world where life just works.

MOOR insights & stragegy podcast

MOOR Insights CEO and Chief Analyst Patrick Moorhead spoke with Marc Fredman about Intelligent Experiences (IX) and how CCC is applying its new cutting-edge event-driven architecture to make IX a reality for customers.

Intelligent experience in action across the P&C insurance economy

Each year, more than 20 million accidents happen in the U.S., each kicking off a unique series of interactions between insurers, repairers, automakers, parts suppliers, consumers, and others. Some of these interactions and related decisions are visible, others happen in the background. Read more about CCC’s vision to create optimized, seamless experiences for everyone involved.

CCC Chief Strategy Officer Marc Fredman share's CCC's blueprint for the future of the P&C insurance economy: intelligent experiences. Learn how CCC is driving toward a future where customers can optimize every experience for best possible outcome for everyone involved.

CCC Chairman and CEO Githesh Ramamurthy discusses how CCC is helping customers deliver on the moments that matter to enable smart, seamless experiences that just work better for everyone.

Featured Solutions

The technology powering intelligent experiences: the CCC IX Cloud™ platform

The CCC Intelligent Experience (IX) Cloud™ platform will bring intelligent experiences to life through a new event-driven architecture that overlays onto CCC’s existing cloud applications, customer workflows, and customer and partner systems. This microservices-based approach will proactively provide additional insights about business events, infuse the latest AI into workflows, and cascade innovation across customer operations.

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