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November 21, 2019

How to avoid this error message in CCC ONE

Prevent Oracle Message when logging into the CCC Portal

Have you seen this message when logging into the CCC Portal? Here are some ways to prevent that from happening:

Clean up the com string in Favorites

The preferred browser for the CCC Portal is Chrome.Right click on the saved link and select editUnder the URL – make sure it is mycccportal.comSelect Save

Remove Pop Up Blockers

If using IE 8.0 or higher and having issues you may need to disable pop up blockers in the Privacy tab in Internet Options.

Compatibility View Settings

If only half a Portal screen is viewable, the screen is pushed to the left, or some text menu labels are missing you may have to go to Compatibility View Settings in Internet Tools and add the portal website:

Avoid using “Auto-Fill” or Recent History

Do not use the auto-populated suggestion from your recent history or the listed MyCCCPortal entry in your History This includes the “Auto Fill” or “Suggested Site” text you will get while typing in an address.