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August 12, 2020

CCC Auto Claims Snapshot - July 2020

National U.S. July 2020 repairable appraisal counts continue to recover, albeit slowly. After a decline of -45 percent in April 2020, repairable appraisal counts were down only -20.5 percent in July 2020. With new cases of the COVID-19 virus surging in areas of the country, and numerous areas stalling re-opening, it’s perhaps not surprising that Arizona saw its drop in claim counts increase to -19 percent in July from -16 percent in June across all loss categories. For non-comprehensive losses Arizona also saw a reversal: claim counts were down -21 percent in July versus -18 percent in June.Several of the large metro areas hit hardest by new cases of COVID-19 in July also saw their repairable appraisal counts trend down again in July, as shelter at home directives were reinstated, or people were less inclined to go out.Overall repairable appraisal counts were up in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa in July 2020, as numerous severe storms with large hail, strong winds, and isolated tornadoes struck throughout the month. Comprehensive losses accounted for over 70 percent of South Dakota’s repairable appraisal count in July, and over 50 percent for Iowa.