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April 23, 2021

APD Casualty Claims: Breaking Down Data Silos to Advance Claim-Level Insights

Even with fewer overall collisions in 2020, faster speed crashes, distracted/impaired driving, and lack of seat restraint usage resulted in more casualty claims severity. The linkage between the severity of collision events and casualty consequences was underscored by 2020 federal data: More severe 2020 U.S. crashes resulted in a higher rate of U.S. vehicular fatalities and traumatic injuries.To help insurers anticipate as soon as possible after a collision occurs whether a casualty injury claim might follow, this APD & Casualty Claims Insights report:

  • Illustrates an Auto Claims Funnel using pre-COVID national sampling data.
  • Considers the auto collision and casualty information that may be available to a casualty claim adjuster at the collision vehicle’s First Notice of Loss to assist in initial claim assessment and response.
  • Highlights actionable early claim severity indicators, known injury associations and “look for” suggestions that may assist in an insurer’s management of auto injury claims.

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