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A Two-Fold Advantage: How Adapting Internally Can Translate to Consumer Benefits


Texting. It’s become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and not only to check in with friends and family. Exchanging a quick message for a fast response about an upcoming flight1, eyeglasses prescription2, or Amazon order is now second nature for us.

It’s no different for an insurance carrier. With texting the #1 preferred communication for customer support3, consumers expect it across all interactions. In fact, upwards of 90% of consumers are very comfortable sharing information such as their name, phone number and car type with their insurer over text.4 CCC recognized this trend and now offers functionality to deliver the same level of convenience and attentiveness that their customers have come to expect.

With Quick Chat, insurance carriers can be in front of policyholders when they need guidance, whether it be for coverage questions, First Notice of Loss (FNOL) assistance, claims servicing and more.

The two-way, real-time texting capabilities span enterprise-wide, across numerous customer needs and experiences. Once activated, Quick Chat becomes a cohesive thread that connects customers with insurers across a collection of CCC products that brings multiple carrier functions together within an intelligent workflow. As a result, these internal synergies give insurers the ability to communicate throughout the customer journey – sourcing needed details, answering questions, receiving photo documentation, and more – through text.

This best-in-class digital experience extends beyond external conversations to also increase internal productivity. When companies use text for customer engagement, 95% are responded to within 3 minutes.3 By largely avoiding the typical phone tag and unanswered messages, carriers can save valuable time by efficiently connecting with more customers, resolving more claims and inquiries than before. Plus, all customer information is front and center. A clear, side-by-side view of the current conversation with the account or claim details brings a new level of preparedness at the onset of each interaction.

Moreover, insurers can choose to create their own scripts letting them provide consistent messaging at every customer touchpoint. And at the click of a button, carriers can share links to aid a customer during their chat session. Once a conversation is complete, all transcripts are automatically synched to the carrier’s internal systems, readily accessible for that customers’ next interaction.


It shouldn’t be hard for insurance carriers to imagine their customers adopting this type of offering. Already, 87% of consumers are initiating a chat or text conversation with an insurance representative immediately after an accident or soon after.4

New and future developments of Quick Chat take things a step further by expanding availability in times of need, including help requesting a tow or finding a repair facility after an accident. Insurance companies exist to bring their customers peace of mind and provide support in the event ‘something’ happens. It’s in that moment that customers need action taken and questions answered. Quick Chat provides an opportunity to be that support system, strengthening relationships and building loyalty along the way.

With Quick Chat, it’s a win/win – carriers boost effectiveness and consumers will recognize a trusted, reliable resource.

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