Spotlight on Repair Procedures

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As the complexity of vehicles increases with new technologies, parts and materials, it is more important now than ever to have access to OEM repair procedures right when you need them.  With the spotlight on accuracy and safety in the midst of complexities, it’s likely your DRP and insurance partners are requiring you to follow procedures to ensure proper repairs are made.  

Mike Anderson of Collision Advice recently conducted a survey asking shops how frequently they research OEM repair procedures at the time they write the estimate.  Only 16% of responders answered “always”, followed by 26% answering “most of the time”. 


Mike responded to these results by saying, “this should be a must, every single time.  If you’re not doing this, I guarantee you will at times miss steps.”  

He continues, “For example, every OEM has a statement of repairs and inspections required after a collision.  If you’re not researching that, how do you know?  There could be trim panels that are non-reusable, or things you don’t realize you must replace if an airbag has deployed.  There could be things you need to reprogram.  I was absolutely blown away that the majority are not researching OEM procedures.  It is my opinion, and I say this very strongly, that it is impossible to write a proper and safe repair plan, or repair a vehicle after a collision, unless you absolutely, 100% of the time, research the OEM repair procedures.”

If you’re ready to check procedures for every repair, CCC ONE Repair Methods gives you access to OEM repair procedures directly in the estimate. When procedures are easily accessible, it’s easier to locate and use them—every time. Visit our website for more information.