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Miles Driven and Traffic Fatalities Rise

Susanna Gotsch / Crash Course, Perspectives /

(This article was originally featured in Digital Insurance) An editorial in the NY Times “The Trucks are Killing Us” recently caught my attention. With data from the National Safety Council (NSC) reporting traffic fatalities up 14 percent year-to-date through June 2015 the title resonates. Better employment, inexpensive gas, and driver distraction are all factors the […]

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In an Era of Disruption, Who’s making Change Happen in your Organization?

Debra Seminario / Insurance, Perspectives /

(This article was originally featured in Property Casualty 360) Disruption has been the lead story for the last few years – and rightfully so. Rapid technology advancements, mass consumerization of new technologies and platforms, and marketplace entrants like Uber and Google are – and will continue – to create fundamental shifts in how business is […]

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Industry Trends with Susanna Gotsch – September 2015

Jaclyn Sorci / Crash Course, Trends /

The September edition of CCC Trends explores the shifts in driving patterns, mileage growth rates on rural interstate and urban interstate roadways and the impacts on traffic safety. Economic growth has resulted in miles driven, accident frequency, and road fatalities returning or exceeding levels last seen in 2007. Growth in urban and suburban areas, more […]

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The Evolving Material Damage Claims Market and the Need for Centralized Operations

Bart Mazurek / Insurance, Perspectives /

 Technologies, Tools and Data Combine to Deliver Centralized Control, Localized Response to APD Claims The world has a local focus.  Organizations of all shapes and sizes have implemented strategies to support the local execution of business practices and services. The insurance industry followed suit, with many carriers decentralizing.  Regional offices were empowered to set procedures […]

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