Do You Give Your Customers Rides?

CCC Corporate / Collision Repair Newsletter /

For many customers, difficulty securing a ride to and from a repair shop can prevent them from leaving their vehicle at the shop. When faced with a customer in this situation, what do you do?

Many shops pull a porter or detailer to give the customer a ride home or back to work. This is less than ideal, because it takes one of your employees off the shop floor for at least 30 minutes—often longer. And the customer’s experience of riding with your employee may not be very good, especially if it’s in a utility vehicle or truck that is dirty.

Other times, a shop may let the customer go and risk losing the job if the customer does not return for the repair. You never know what will happen once that customer walks out the door. They may get a shop referral from a friend, or set out to find a cheaper estimate. Whatever happens, you run the risk that they will not return, which means lost business.

To address this problem, we’ve teamed up with Uber to bring you CCC ONE Ride, a new service that allows you to treat your customers to complimentary rides. You can generate a promotional code from within CCC ONE for a free ride for your customer. Then, Uber’s easy-to-use app allows the customer to redeem their ride in minutes, letting you focus on what you do best—repairing their vehicle.