Collision Repairers Get New Tools to Improve the Consumer Experience with Mobile Technology Enhancements from CCC

Michelle Hellyar / Collision Repair, Company News /

CCC  announced today enhancements to its suite of consumer solutions, helping repair facilities provide a more streamlined experience to customers throughout the repair process. CCC ONE® Update Plus will now offer proactive text messaging that includes pertinent shop and estimate information. CCC ONE® Repair Workflow will now include digital signature capabilities, allowing customers to authorize repair work right at the vehicle using the CCC ONE® Touch application on a mobile device.

“Consumers expect hassle free interactions with the companies they do business with,” said Mark Fincher, VP, Market Solutions, CCC Information Services Inc. “We’ve looked at our solutions to see how we could change them in order to create high impact, low touch interactions that don’t require a phone call or sitting in a lobby waiting for paperwork. We’re excited to introduce enhancements to CCC ONE Update Plus and CCC ONE Repair Workflow to enable a better customer experience, while helping our repair facility customers be more efficient.”

The CCC ONE Update Plus enhancements take the repair facility beyond repair status and CSI surveys to include proactive texts that answer common customer questions before they’re asked. Shop hours of operation, shop location and directions, as well as information about how to contact the estimator and see a summary of the estimate are now included features.

For CCC ONE Repair Workflow customers, CCC ONE Touch now supports consumer signature capture and automatically attaches digitally signed documents to the workfile. To activate the feature, a repair facility simply uploads its documents and then uses a tablet’s touch-screen capability to have the consumer digitally sign such documents.

Learn more about CCC ONE Update Plus and CCC ONE Repair Workflow.