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CCC ONE Touch Production Schedule

Ever have to wait in line at the post office? The DMV? Starbucks? We all have, and we all know how frustrating the wait can be.

How do you think your customers feel about waiting for you to write an estimate? Though most won’t say anything, they probably don’t like it. And they’re probably stressed and anxious about the news you’re going to give them, worried that the obviously unplanned accident they just got into is not only going to be inconvenient, but costly.

That’s why we’re so excited about CCC ONE Touch. It not only makes you more productive and tech savvy in front of your customers, it also practically eliminates all of the waiting. It also helps reduce customers’ anxiety by bringing them into the estimating process. This has the real potential to send capture rates soaring.

CCC ONE Touch has been changing the way the industry writes estimates since its release early this year. But we’re still looking for ways to expand upon its features and functions to enable you to provide the best possible customer service.

The production dashboard in CCC ONE Desktop created a new way to manage repairs—rather than just showing where the car is in the repair process, it shows where that car needs to be. Through user-defined repair plans, each phase of the repair process is customized to match the flow of work through each unique shop. Each phase is configured with either a static time frame (i.e. “Waiting for Parts” = 8 hours) or variable times based on labor hours. Those times are then used to compute the start and end time for each phased based on the shops target touch time.

The production dashboard rolls all of the repair plans up into a simple view that shows jobs on track and jobs falling behind the target touch time. Now with CCC ONE Touch, Repair Workflow users can take the power of this information to the shop floor. In addition to being able to view or edit estimates at the car, users can view the production schedule and provide direction to technicians with real time data versus working off a clipboard with outdated static data.

In our first release of Touch, the dashboard was read-only. Ron Nelson, Vice President of Products and Technology said, “The number one enhancement request for CCC ONE Touch was production schedule. We wanted to be responsive to our customers so we decided to split the release into two phases the first with a read only version of the dashboard and the second with the ability to edit the repair plans from the tablet.”

In addition to the production schedule, we will be adding the following features to CCC ONE Touch later this month:

  • Editable repair plans – This enables users to make changes to the repair plans right at the vehicle.
  • Ability to add and edit events from the CCC ONE event log – This enables users to enter key milestones at the vehicle when they are occurring, as opposed to having to remember to go back and update them at the desktop.
  • Ability to lock and upload estimate from table – After completing the preliminary estimate at the vehicle, users will be able to upload or complete the repair plan after complete disassembly and upload this information at the vehicle. This feature improves claim cycle time metrics and for insurers with auto-pay, can improve speed of payment.

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