Microsoft Reviews CCC ONE Touch

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Responding to customer demand, CCC Information Services created a Windows 8.1–based estimating app for tablets that automotive repair facilities use to prepare estimates faster without ever leaving their customer, which helps increase sales capture. CCC ONE® Touch was installed from the Windows Store by more than 1,100 CCC customers in its first 30 days.

When the average person is involved in an auto accident, they are upset, possibly injured, and at the least inconvenienced. They just want the whole affair to be over. CCC Information Services makes software solutions that help insurance companies and repair facilities return customers to their vehicles quickly. Chicago-based CCC works with more than 350 US insurance carriers and nearly 24,000 US repair facilities.

Need: Tablet-Based Estimating Tool
The company’s primary product for repair facilities, CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform, is a comprehensive software suite that helps shops manage the claims process and repair workflow by improving communication between insurance carriers, repair facilities, parts providers, rental car companies, and vehicle owners. Shops access this product from their desktops and laptops.

However, shops were clamoring for a tablet-based tool that met the specific needs of estimators. “Estimators’ primary job is to meet with customers and assess the damage, but they spend most of their time examining the damaged car and calculating estimates on their office PC—away from the customer,” says Ron Nelson, Vice President of Products and Technology for CCC Information Services. “When estimators leave their customers to write estimates on their computers, the customer experience may be adversely affected. Our body shop customers were asking for a tablet-based solution that would let estimators get out from behind their desks and work more closely with customers.”

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