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NACE Event Chair Dan Stander Speaks to CCC | Friday, October 18 12:00 PM PST


Dan Stander, NACE Event Chair and AAM of Fix Auto Highlands Ranch in Littleton, Colorado sat down with us to discuss this year’s event and his excitement for next year’s revamped show in Detroit. NACE will undergo big changes next year as the event looks to form more collaboration throughout the industry. Stay tuned for the full video!

CCC Joins Fender Bender to Demo CCC ONE Touch | Friday, October 18 9:00 AM PST

Mark Fincher got to show off our newest Touch solution with Fender Bender today, showing why it’s the hottest estimating tool in the collision repair world. Here’s a snapshot of what was covered:


CCC Launches Electronic Parts Invoicing | Friday, October 18 8:00 AM PST

Parts invoicing is time-consuming work that traditionally requires repairers to re-key parts information into a shop management tool and manually reconcile invoices. Today CCC Information Services ushers in a new era of parts automation with the availability of the industry’s first electronic parts invoicing functionality that comes integrated within CCC ONE™ Repair Workflow.

Thursday, October 17 2:00 PM PST | NACE Photo Roundup Day 1

Check out some of the best photos from Day 1 of NACE (Slideshow)

Here’s one of our favorites!


Thursday, October 17 11:00 AM PST | Susanna Gotsch on the NACE Main Stage

CCC’s Susanna Gotsch joined the ASRW main stage today to discuss evolving market trends and what it means to the collision repair community. Topics included changing consumer expectations, vehicle design and new technology.


Thursday, October 17 6:00 AM PST | OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – The CCC ONE® Product Family Grows with New Tablet Estimating App Designed for Windows® 8.1

Quickly writing an estimate at the vehicle just became easier. Today, at the NACE Conference in Las Vegas, CCC Information Services announces the release of CCC ONE™ Touch, a highly visual and intuitive estimating solution for repairers. CCC ONE Touch leverages the CCC ONE® cloud-based platform and extends the CCC ONE™ Estimating logic, creating a new mobile app that embraces human touch as the most natural, simple, and familiar means of writing vehicle damage estimates. CCC ONE Touch is specifically developed to run on a wide variety on Microsoft Windows® 8.1 tablet devices, and includes larger icons, support for multipoint gestures, and use of the onboard integrated camera.

“Sophisticated consumers demand transparency and want to be engaged in the repair process,” said Joseph Allen, General Manager, CCC Automotive Services Group. “With CCC ONE Touch, repairers can now accomplish this by greeting their customer at the car with a tablet and completing the entire estimating process on the spot. From scanning the VIN, taking pictures, writing the estimate, sourcing parts and reviewing for compliance, to sharing the estimate with the customer via email and uploading it to the insurance company, the estimator never has to go back to his or her desktop computer. Envision that experience from the customer’s point of view.  We believe this will help repairers capture more sales by creating engagement and trust in the process.” 

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Wednesday, October 16 4:10 PM PST

What’s this you ask? Oh nothing, just an 82 inch Perceptive Pixel Touchscreen from Microsoft. And we’ll be using it to demo a few products and overpower a few people. Check it out at our booth!


Wednesday, October 16 3:30 PM PST

We’re debuting a new product here at NACE called CCC ONE Touch. This is CCC’s newest mobile estimating solution that extends the CCC ONE platform even further by embracing human touch as the most natural, simple, and familiar means of writing vehicle damage estimates. For a dynamic look, check out the new video:

Wednesday, October 16 3:00 PM PST

In the midst of booth setup, check out an early photo of what CCC has in store. This year’s theme: Touch This One.


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