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At NACE 2008, CCC Information Services Inc. introduced the CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform to address the fundamental flaw in the repair industry – too many disconnected systems were required to manage the repair process. Today, CCC is announcing that it has converted nearly 17,000 shops to the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform, the industry’s first truly integrated repair solution that combines estimating, shop management and DRP performance controls into a simple, single solution.

“Today’s announcement is an exciting milestone for CCC and speaks to a significant shift in the auto repair industry,” said Jim Dickens, SVP of CCC’s Automotive Services Group. “This conversion milestone illustrates that members of the repair community are at the leading edge of business, embracing new tools and technologies to solve their evolving business challenges. We sincerely thank our customers for their support in making CCC ONE a success.”

CCC ONE Delivers

Since its introduction, CCC ONE has been installed on more than 72,000 desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, helping make the workday easier for repairers, while making them more productive. By using a cloud-based framework, CCC ONE delivers more frequent product enhancements, more flexibility in communications with business partners and customers as well as reduced IT expenditures. Repairer enthusiasm for CCC ONE, measured by their Net Promoter Score (NPS), has been consistently strong through the conversion process, with three out of every four users willing to recommend it to others. Some of the key benefits and improvements delivered are:

  • Enhanced productivity with real time communications to the industry’s largest open network of insurers, repairers and suppliers as well as support for non-DRP partners.
  • Improved workflow with resident functionality, including comprehensive shop management, self-audit, OEM repair procedure data and mobility applications.
  • Streamlined communications with consumers through integrated repair status messaging delivered via text, email, web and smart phone.
  • Reduced support and IT expenses from automated data and application updates as well as eliminating the need for expensive servers and maintenance.

To learn more about the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform, please visit: or visit CCC at NACE at booth #N1317. 

About CCC Information Services Inc.

CCC brings together what matters most – insight to make the best decisions, connections into the largest auto claims network and superior productivity through an innovative single platform. Founded in 1980, CCC is the nation’s leading provider of advanced software, workflow tools and enabling technologies to the automotive claims and collision repair industries. Its client base includes more than 350 insurance companies and more than 22,000 repair facilities. CCC also delivers the most comprehensive, best-in-class industry insight by leveraging data captured from the millions of transactions processed through its network, and the forward-looking, trusted advisor perspective of its people. You can find out more about CCC Information Services Inc. by visiting the company’s web site at