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September 15, 2021

Six Factors for Scaling AI

As digitization increases industry wide, many insurers are leveraging AI to improve customer experiences and accelerate the claims experience. Yet for this to be a long-term strategy and enterprise-wide improvement, insurers need more than a point solution, they need a platform to apply AI at scale across experiences and workflows.To achieve digital transformation – transformation that improves the customer experience – insurers need to integrate AI across decisions into their workflows and connected networks.In other words, finding the most effective AI will require insurers think broadly about their customer experience and their business network. To achieve a scalable experience that will advance claims automation as the enterprise grows, here are six things to consider:Combining multiple data sources and advance decision-making will improve predictions. There are different AI disciplines, from rules-based automation to machine- and deep-learning. Often it is a combination of these disciplines mining multiple data sources – historic data as well as recent data - that creates the most intelligent AI solutions, and as a result, more accurate predictions.An effective AI approach will give insurers the versatility to set the degree of automation they are comfortable with. At CCC, our AI models are tailored to adopt client- and region-specific rules and insights to deliver outcomes that meet their exacting expectations.AI needs the right use case. AI isn’t the solution to all problems, but it can be a transformative solution to the right problem. Given a large, clean data set, AI can automate complex tasks and uncover insights on patterns and trends that would’ve taken years for a human team discover. The end goal should be to transform the customer experience by automating and accelerating cumbersome tasks and by more quickly identifying actionable insights.Integrated workflows and network connections turn AI-guided decisions into actions – digitally transforming operations and communications. An insurance claim is a series of hundreds of micro-decisions and transactions by a vast network of players: insurers, automakers, tow and rental providers, collision repairers, parts suppliers, and lenders. Automating these decisions and transactions at scale to transform the claims experience requires integrations across this vast network of businesses, in a similar way that food delivery apps like DoorDash and UberEats bring together food suppliers, restaurants, payment providers, and delivery drivers. Integrating AI with a business network and workflows can create an entirely new, seamless experience for the end consumer. In the complex world of P&C insurance, this powerful combination makes straight-through processing an achievable goal.Integrated into mobile solution, AI guided decisions elevate the customer experience. Recent data in CCC’s Crash Course Midyear Report shows that 80 percent of consumers that have initiated a claim by submitting photos through mobile found it appealing and easy to navigate the claim process using mobile apps. These claims are often first assessed by AI. The majority of respondents said they would file claims digitally again if another claim was necessary.AI tools can help build trust with the consumer. CCC data shows that consumers trust an estimate 90% more when it's accompanied by an AI-generated heat map. AI tools can be applied in creative ways to not only generate robust, actionable data for the insurer, but help reinforce trust with the consumer about the outcome of their claim.