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February 18, 2021

Preparing for Modern Risk Identification

As the world changes, underwriters have an opportunity. Technology is advancing at breakneck speed, both within the insurance industry and out, and consumers are becoming more accustomed to meaningful service and results at the touch of a button. A willingness to re-imagine typical quoting best practices may not only improve day to day processes, but lay a foundation that readies underwriters for the future.Signaling that now is the time to start thinking ahead, our recent CCC Trends report takes a closer look at current traffic patterns and what may be in store post-pandemic and beyond. For example, will a larger segment of the workforce continue working from home resulting in fewer rush-hour trips and less congestion? Will the number of daily, short-journey car trips increase? The answers to these questions and more will likely impact an insurer's strategy.With CCC's help, technology and digitization can modernize the inspection process, provide actionable assessment data, and offer clarity at the point of quote.

As the pace of the digital world accelerates, innovative insurers can capitalize on improved access to data and prepare to price for the future of mobility.First, consider the opportunity to easily access driver behavior. With new vehicle technology comes the potential to access more telematics data. This window into actual drivers and their vehicles blends a new level of visibility with the need for seamlessly integrated pricing tools. With the influx of complex individualized data, such as unique driving behaviors and patterns, comes the challenge to absorb it. Recognizing the importance of harnessed telematics data may be an underwriter's missing puzzle piece.Next, shift focus to the vehicle itself, prior to a newly bound policyholder getting behind the wheel. When looking at a prospective customer, imagine being able to take pre-existing damage or high-risk conditions into account. Or easily verify their garaging location. The saying 'less is more' does not apply here. When it comes to actionable data, underwriters armed with what they need can begin to increase accuracy, efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction…the list goes on.Taking it a step further, there is value in deciphering build data for installed ADAS features. This knowledge can help underwriters assess the possible impact of vehicle safety. The trick here - knowing which features are on which vehicle with VIN-level precision. Connected vehicles can provide access to this data and lead to a better understanding of how customers use these features. It's also important to understand how claims data can strengthen estimated vehicle values and help predict loss exposure early.Now, think about the everyday consumer. As people navigate their daily lives, technology has changed everything from how they shop for groceries to how they do their banking. Insurance is no different and expectations are rising. CCC shares the sense of urgency that it’s time for insurance carriers to be prepared.After looking at these two concepts, insurer and customer, side by side, it becomes clear that they aren't as unrelated as they may seem on the surface.From providing near-real-time telematics data to dynamic 360° views of insurable risk, CCC can prepare insurers for a modern world.