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July 12, 2021

Open for Business: Embracing Transparency

Tony PainterDirector, Strategic Solutions

Transparency and trust go hand in hand. Sprout Social reports that 86%of Americans believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever and 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for products that guarantee total transparency. You don't need your customers looking over your shoulder as you replace a quarter panel, but you can still be transparent about how your shop operates.

Be in the Know

Your customers want to be in the know. Educating them on the repair process and their insurance company’s guidelines goes a long way. Develop a short, two-minute educational video on your shop’s estimate, damage identification, and repair processes. It will help to familiarize your customers with your shop and begin to set expectations for the post-repair vehicle delivery. Think of this content as a tool to enhance their customer experience. Find opportunities in the repair process to offer some useful insights. Giving them insider knowledge is a great way to differentiate your shop from the competition.

Don't Leave Them Wondering

A common complaint customers have after a vehicle is repaired is that they were not kept informed throughout the process. Businesses are made (and broken) by how quickly they meet customers’ needs. Any departures from the estimated delivery time should be communicated immediately. While discussing the repair process with your customer, you can highlight automatic status updates via CCC® Update Plus. Text or email messages are triggered based on specific events during the repair and keeps customers informed on the vehicle's progress and any changes to the delivery date. The less time your customers spend wondering about the status of their vehicle, the more satisfied they’ll likely be, which will only help your business.

Tools for Transparency

Videos and text messages help, but the best way to be transparent is in your direct conversations. As the estimate is being completed, share relevant details about the repair process. For example, repairing a frame rail is commonplace, but does your customer know what that means? Explain why that specific repair matters and that you will be following the manufacturer’s guidelines to provide comfort and build credibility.Speaking of OEM repair procedures, vehicle construction is becoming more complex by the year. With the inclusion of more ADAS systems in vehicles, a simple windshield replacement or bumper repair and refinish can affect the safety systems and result in errors and potential liabilities. CCC® Repair Methods is integrated right into CCC® Estimating and CCC® Repair Workflow platforms. CCC Repair Methods contains available procedures directly from the manufacturer and can easily be shared with technicians. They can also be added to documentation of the repair, providing still more information to your very satisfied customer.For drivers who have been in an accident, the situation is stressful enough; don't let your shop contribute to their anxiety. Be transparent, build trust, and watch your business grow.