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Mobile Jumpstart: A Breakthrough for Shops

By: Evan Utterback, Client Solutions Advisor

We all know the dread of those walk-in estimates. When I worked in a shop, they often seemed pointless and time-consuming. To that customer though, it certainly isn't a "waste of time" as they are trying to figure out "Will the repairs be over my deductible?"

I used to tell customers until I was blue in the face that the materials alone would likely be over their deductible, but that customer still wanted "a number." Sound familiar? Good news – Mobile Jumpstart in the CCC ONE® Mobile App is changing this experience for both the customer AND the estimator!


Until now, standard practice was for the estimator to snap some photos, jot down some notes on a clipboard, walk past the customer in the lobby and then go to a hidden back office to spend 15-30 minutes writing up an estimate from the photos they just took. How archaic!

With Mobile Jumpstart, estimators can be at the car with the customer, engaging them about the claims process, which they likely know very little about. In the first few months that the feature has been out, it's generating an average of more than 25 lines per estimate and ~80% of the final estimate cost!*


Mobile Jumpstart is proving to be a time saver for scheduled drop offs too. A common request in most shops is asking a buddy or the front desk: "Can you get this one checked in for me?" That used to mean create the RO, go get the intake pictures, put the tag on window or keys, and that was it.

Now, "Can you get that started?" can also mean getting the preliminary estimate started. Mobile Jumpstart uses vehicle damage photos and creates a framework for the estimate, including components to be repaired, replaced, or R&I'd based on settings that you configure.


Expect CSI scores to increase when you start using Mobile Jumpstart more often, because you will now be actively engaged with the customer at their vehicle as you take only a moment of their time to properly educate them on the claims process.

Customers are more satisfied when they understand the repair process and expectations are set from the beginning. So, feel free to also illustrate the complex nature of what is involved in repairing their vehicle. You will gain their trust now that you are giving them a more personable experience versus having them wait in the lobby while you're in the back office writing the sheet without them.

Mobile Jumpstart has given collision repairers another tool in the arsenal to beat the biggest enemy: TIME. By "jump starting" the process, it gives the estimator or Customer Service Representative the ability to quickly verify the correct options and packages are selected, meaning that parts orders will be more accurate.

Your shop now has access to Mobile Jumpstart in the Mobile App. If you haven't already, try it out to see how it can help your team save time and better serve your customers.