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March 14, 2018

CCC Publishes 2018 Crash Course Report

Putting the AI in the Automotive Industry

Huge investments and bets are being made by automakers, tech companies, insurers and collision repairers, as companies position themselves to benefit from new technologies; technology that not only changes the types of vehicles consumers buy in the future, but how and when they buy, how they insure, and how they repair in the case of an accident. The increasing adoption of technology like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide OEMs, insurers, and repairers visibility into the future, where fewer accidents involving more complex vehicles means fewer collision parts sales, trickier risk assessment, and challenging repairs.In Crash Course 2018, we look through the lens of the full auto ownership life cycle – from auto shopping to purchase through vehicle end of life, exploring how the ‘Buy’, ‘Drive’, ‘Crash’, and ‘Repair’ of the U.S. automotive market has trended and how it will change in the future.Download the 2018 Crash Course report.