Crash Course 2024

The most trusted auto claims & repair industry report

The Latest P&C Industry Data and Insights

Crash Course is one of the industry’s most trusted reports. Published to help insurance, collision repair, and mobility leaders make the most informed decisions, this Q1 2024 edition of Crash Course contains recent data and insights on a wide range of topics. In it, you’ll find:

  • The impact of vehicle technology on total cost of repair
  • Repair shop productivity and labor trends
  • Challenges brought by electric vehicles becoming mainstream
  • State-minimum insurance levels and loss severity trends
  • Extreme weather and their long-term effect on auto claims
  • Medical billing trends and their impact on casualty claims
  • Consequences of experimental treatments for casualty claims

NEW! This year’s report also includes a deep dive into vehicle complexity, with data and insights to help you evaluate its impacts and trajectory.

Insurers are looking for references to access crucial insights to navigate evolving trends and inform their strategies for long-term success.
Nathan Golia
Senior Analyst, Celent