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May 27, 2021

The Real Impact of AI Across the Claims Lifecycle

Artificial Intelligence has changed the auto insurance world – from mitigating risk, to creating streamlined efficiencies, to improving customer experiences.CCC, the leader in AI with more than 75 insurers actively using our AI-enabled solutions, saw the number of claims processed with two or more of CCC's advanced deep-learning AI more than double in 2020 alone. CCC's AI is at work across the life of a claim, speeding and improving the claims process for both carriers and their policyholders.And this week, Jason Verlen, CCC's SVP of Product Management, led a case study presentation at this year's DIGIN: AI & Automation event.During the discussion, Jason emphasized how the industry is at an inflection point where adoption and digital engagement are not only taking off, but growing rapidly. He went on to explain how CCC’s AI, plus machine and deep learning, is accelerating decisions, making estimates actionable, and helping insurers achieve the industry's vision of straight-through processing.Jason was joined by Josh Thompson, State Auto's VP of Auto & Property Claims. Out front in bringing innovation to life for policyholders, Josh shared how State Auto's early adoption of AI contributes to dynamic customer journeys and an end-to-end digital claims process.Watch the full session recording below.Listeners will find that CCC's approach to AI is inherently different - because AI alone cannot deliver transformation. CCC's extensive network connects insurers, collision repairers, parts suppliers, and more to create a seamless, efficient experience for industry players and their customers. And adding to the convenience factor, CCC's AI solutions also integrate with CCC's mobile and workflow solutions.From identifying potential vehicle damage and digitally generating detailed estimates, to processing third-party casualty claims, and applying AI to fully digitize the estimating process, CCC's technology brings precision and innovation to key decision points throughout the claims lifecycle.