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February 16, 2021

Regulatory Monitoring: Helping Customers Stay on Top of Regulatory Changes

CCC provides a customer service and support experience unlike anyone else in the industry. Account Management. Customer Success. Solutions and Consulting. Field Consulting. These are the pillars of our comprehensive team focused on delivering high-level, personalized service to our customers.As we continue to expand our products and services, our dedication to customer support carries into everything we do. Recently, enhanced regulatory monitoring has become a key focus area for CCC, providing an opportunity to create a unique support experience for our casualty customers.Keeping up with regulatory changes can be a time-intensive process. Our goal is to make it easy for customers to stay up to date on changes that may impact their adjudication processes. With earlier notification of regulatory changes, customers can make the necessary adjustments to their business rules and workflows to help ensure ongoing compliance.To that end, CCC has a dedicated team and process for regulatory monitoring. This team identifies, monitors and reports on changes to relevant laws, regulations and guidance that may impact our customers. Our process includes:

  • A network of monitoring methods to stay on top of upcoming changes.
  • A 50-state legislative/regulatory monitoring solution to continuously monitor legislative, regulatory, and agency proposals and developments.
  • An in-house procedure for regular monitoring of relevant legislation, regulations and judicial opinions.
  • 130+ unique data sources.

Additionally, our data content team monitors fee schedule and other changes in the medical community, identifying issues that customers may want to consider in adjusting how they address certain treatments and charges.We also monitor published bulletin updates and guidance from the American Medical Association (AMA) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which include procedure code additions/deletions and various other items.When our team identifies relevant developments, we present the issues to our Casualty Rules Committee, which includes medical, legal, technical and business leaders. The committee is responsible for evaluating the developments to identify any potential impact to our products and customers. Where appropriate, we publish and distribute communications to our customers, informing them of the changes.Should our customers have further questions or a need to review business impacts in more detail, our team is available for additional collaboration and consultation.Through our combination of regulatory monitoring and industry-leading customer service, CCC is well-equipped to provide the critical and timely information insurers need to stay on top of regulatory changes.