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November 9, 2020

CCC Introduces Vehicle-Level ADAS Insights

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announces today the availability of CCC® VIN Connect – ADAS, the latest in a series of innovations that support underwriting precision at the point-of-quote. CCC VIN Connect - ADAS provides a vehicle-level view of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), providing underwriters with an easy way to understand available safety features to assess risk more accurately.CCC research comparing like vehicles with and without ADAS shows the presence of ADAS features can help reduce certain types of accidents, and if not prevented entirely, ADAS can help slow the vehicle before impact, mitigating damage and the subsequent cost of repair. When ADAS-equipped vehicles are in an accident, the average total cost of repair is often higher than for vehicles without ADAS.“To better assess insurable risk, it is important underwriters know what vehicle safety features are present,” said Rohit Tendulkar, vice president, product management, CCC. “ADAS features vary by year, make, and model, making it complicated to identify the presence of ADAS. CCC VIN Connect – ADAS delivers these actionable insights at the point-of-quote, empowering underwriters with the information necessary to factor ADAS availability into personalized auto policies.”CCC VIN Connect - ADAS is part of a broader offering that helps underwriters gain a 360-view of a driver and their vehicle. CCC® VIN Connect – Behavior collects driving behavior data and can verify mileage, making it easy for insurers to determine potential discounts based on actual driving habits. CCC® Quick View, CCC’s photo-guided vehicle inspection solution, enables auto underwriters to efficiently and affordably complete vehicle inspections by offering policyholders a mobile app to easily capture vehicle photos, allowing insurers to virtually assess vehicle condition, including the identification of pre-existing damage.“All roads today are leading to more personalization and the delivery of services that are unique to individual consumers,” added Tendulkar. “The underwriting process is ripe for change. Vehicle- and driver-level insights and convenient virtual inspections can help ensure policies align to specific individuals based on what and how they drive. These tools help to kick-off a vastly more modern experience for policyholders and help insurers achieve greater speed and accuracy in their processes and transparency in their risk assessments.”The VIN Connect portfolio connects underwriters to ADAS and driving behavior data via a single API. CCC Quick View is a mobile app that can be presented within an insurer’s own policyholder app experience.Learn more about CCC VIN Connect – ADAS and CCC’s underwriting solutions.