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June 15, 2020

CCC Information Services Inc. Extends Mobile, AI Capabilities to Deliver Virtual Vehicle Inspection Solution to Underwriters

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announces today the availability of CCC® Quick View (Quick View), a photo-guided vehicle inspection solution. Quick View enables auto underwriters to efficiently and affordably complete vehicle inspections virtually by offering policyholders a mobile app to easily capture vehicle photos. Once photos are received, CCC’s proven AI-enabled photo analytics and Damage Detection Heatmaps® are applied, allowing insurers to assess vehicle condition, including the identification of pre-existing damage. Quick View also makes it easy for insurers to assess the presence of custom equipment. Policyholders can capture and share photos at their convenience typically in five minutes.Early use of Quick View by a large, national insurer shows marked improvements in cost, speed, and the identification of pre-existing damage. Specifically, Quick View reduced costs by 75 percent over manual inspections, led to 60 percent of inspections being completed in less than 24 hours, and identified pre-existing damage on more than 15 percent of assessed vehicles.“Insurers are looking to balance the need to understand risk with the ability to efficiently and consistently conduct vehicle inspections,” said Naved Siddique, group vice president, insurance services group, CCC. “Quick View offers policyholders a guided experience to make photo capture easy, while AI and heatmaps help insurers with their virtual vehicle assessments. Quick View has additional inherent value as vehicle photos can be integrated with CCC’s claims solutions, making them readily available for review by insurers should a physical damage claim arise in the future. We’re excited to apply our mobile, AI, and heatmap capabilities to the inspection process, supporting the broader needs of our insurance customers.”CCC Quick View – How it WorksCCC Quick View empowers drivers to carry out photo collection digitally and at their convenience. Insurance carriers can use digital photos to be more productive and effective in determining the condition of a new policyholder’s vehicle. CCC Quick View offers:

  • Guided Photo Capture – Consumers receive a Quick View invite, prompting and guiding them through photo collection and submission.
  • Geo-coding –Verifies where photos were taken, helping identify garage location.
  • Documentation –Photos help reveal pre-existing damage, custom equipment, and other high-risk conditions, such as visual indicators of vehicle use for ride sharing services.
  • Future Assessment – Digital photos can be integrated with CCC’s claims solutions, making them easily available for comparison if a physical damage claim is initiated under the applicable policy in the future, allowing carriers to potentially mitigate prior damage claims.

Learn more about CCC Quick View.