CCC ONE® Simplifies In-Shop Payments*

New Integration = Easier, Integrated Customer Payments


CCC ONE enables you to handle customer payments in the same platform you use every day through a new integration with Clearent.*

Between separate billing and payment systems, repair facilities need a simpler way to handle in-shop payments from customers.

Now available in CCC® Repair Workflow, Clearent’s payment processing solution* integrates with the CCC ONE platform to streamline customer-to-shop payments, enabling you to:


CCC ONE with Clearent’s payment processing solution


manual inputs or rekeying


fiscal control and visibility

“CCC Payments is a godsend. By integrating everything into one system, we cut time off every transaction and eliminate payment pain points.”

Sharon Shaffner, Patterson’s Collision Center, Valencia, CA


Streamline your customer payments**

*Requires a separate merchant agreement with payment processor, Clearent, LLC, to activate new solution. Clearent is a third-party provider, not a CCC company. CCC is not responsible for the services offered by Clearent. **By submitting this form you agree that (1) the provided information will be shared with Clearent and (2) Clearent and/or CCC may contact you by phone or email.