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CCC Drive is a first full-service, open telematics solution suite that lets insurers leverage the connected car of policyholders to access a wealth of real-time driving data from mobile devices, in-vehicle apps, and OEM-manufactured tracking equipment.

Engage your policyholders and improve their driving behavior

The CCC Drive telematics solution suite enables you to create new insurance products that attract and engage technology-savvy and safety-conscious policyholders with services that encourage and reward good driving behavior.

  • Product

    Telematics-enabled insurance products can help grow your business by attracting and retaining low-risk drivers who want to be recognized and rewarded for their good driving record.

  • Marketing

    Telematics enables you to market these new products with cost savings, tools, and other incentives that identify and reward good driving, and create strong engagement between you and your policyholders.

  • Underwriting

    Telematics data improves underwriting and policy pricing. Knowing how, when and where people drive their cars is a much better indicator of accident risk than knowing how old they are, or whether they are married.

  • Servicing

    Telematics creates a richer, ongoing relationship between you and your policyholder that enables you to continuously monitor, encourage and reward safe driving behavior. And safe-driver-referral incentives can help you identify and attract additional technology-savvy and safety-conscious drivers to grow your business even further.

GROW your business today with Spark

Spark is a full service telematics product and service offering that can be deployed in less than 90 days.

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Smarter, faster insights throughout the entire claim lifecycle

CCC Drive is the only telematics solution suite that can truly improve service and lower costs when claims occur. Leveraging its industry-leading collision repairer network and historical data warehouse, CCC is changing traditional claims processing for the better.

Hover over each step below to see the telematics improvements delivered by CCC Drive.

  • Crash

    When an accident occurs, CCC Drive immediately receives a telematics “crash pulse” from the vehicle that is loaded with valuable information that can be leveraged to improve service and lower cost.

    • FNOL:
      With Telematics

      At the moment of impact, the car contacts you with the facts about damages. You are notified instantly, as opposed to minutes, hours or days later when the claimant contacts you with data transmitted thru Q&A scripts.

    • Police/EMS:
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you understand the severity of the accident, the likelihood of injury, and if necessitated, the potential need for EMS services.

    • Tow Requirement:
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you determine whether the vehicle is drivable or not, post-accident. If un-drivable, you may be able to immediately direct a tow truck in your network to the vehicle.

    • Rental Delivery:
      With Telematics

      If the car is not drivable, the insured may need a rental. In such cases, you may be able to dispatch the rental at the same time you dispatch the tow.

    • Coverage Verification:
      With Telematics

      Telematics data can work to quickly provide the coverage details for your policyholder and a proactive phone call to the insured can confirm if they were driving.

    • Liability Assessment:
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you quickly gather the facts of the accident so you can determine how to best handle first- and third-party claims.

  • Auto Physical Damage

    CCC Drive’s impact on APD processing is tangible and significant.

    • Tow Determination
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you determine whether the vehicle is repairable (tow to shop) or totaled (tow to salvage). This may lessen the need for multiple tows and cycle time.

    • Tow Routing
      With Telematics

      If repairable, telematics data may help provide insight on repair facility options to help the policyholder decide where the vehicle should be towed.

    • Storage
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you determine whether the vehicle is repairable (tow to shop) or totaled (tow to salvage). This may lessen storage costs.

    • Repair Determination
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you determine the severity of damage and the degree of repairs needed.

  • Casualty

    When an accident causes bodily injury, CCC Drive improves the casualty claims process with insights that were never before possible.

    • Causation
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you determine whether the accident caused an injury, and if so how severe the injury is likely to be.

    • Medical Bill Review
      With Telematics

      With telematics you can more easily compare the same types of accidents, to the same types of injuries, to the same types of severity. This may help you identify inconsistencies, fraud and build-up.

    • Evaluation
      With Telematics

      With telematics, you can better compare the evaluation to the economic and non-economic damages in accidents of a similar nature. This may help lessen the subjectivity of the evaluation.

  • Repair

    If the vehicle is repairable, CCC Drive delivers information to help lower cycle time.

    • Method of Inspection
      With Telematics

      Telematics data can help you determine whether there is a lot or a little damage, how much documentation you may need/want for the claim, and who will write the estimate.

    • Estimate
      With Telematics

      Based on telematics data, you can quickly determine the degree of severity of the accident.

    • Part Sourcing
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may be able to help you identify and order the parts that will be required for the repair, which may help reduce cycle time.

    • Audit
      With Telematics

      Telematics data may help you to flag exceptions that are common to similar types of accident profiles. This may help you better uncover and flag potential hidden damage.

    • Repair
      With Telematics

      With telematics data, your repair partners can make quicker and more accurate decisions, including scheduling the repair before the car even arrives at the shop and ordering needed parts.

  • Total Loss

    And if the vehicle is a total loss, CCC Drive can even improve the settlement process.

    • Salvage
      With Telematics

      Telematics severity data may also help you better and more quickly determine the salvage value of the vehicle.

  • Subrogation

    CCC Drive can even help with subrogation processing.

    • With Telematics

      Telematics data provides objective facts about how the accident occurred. When you replace subjective debate with objective facts your subrogation outcomes may be more accurate and timely.

PROTECT your policyholders today with these CCC Drive solutions

  • Crash Alerts

    When an accident occurs, CCC Drive sends a crash pulse - detailing point of impact, direction of force, geographic location of vehicle, and more - to your claims processing solution, information that can be used to improve the process.

  • teFNOL

    Telematics-Enabled FNOL (teFNOL) transforms the cumbersome, time-consuming, reactive FNOL process into an insightful, swift and proactive one. Check in on policyholders immediately, dispatch emergency services, and begin filing the claim using pre-populated data.

  • Predictive APD Routing

    Data insights from the CCC Drive crash pulse can be compared to thousands of similar accidents in the CCC data warehouse to quickly determine the severity of the crash and how to best proceed.

  • Injury Triage

    Crash pulse can also determine the likelihood and severity of bodily injury to the occupants of the vehicle, dispatching emergency services if necessary or predicting the appropriate amount of medical services down the line.

Delight your customers with new services that encourage renewal

The CCC Drive telematics solution suite connects you to a wide array of technology ecosystem partners that can be leveraged to provide policyholders with new services that go beyond the norm and further strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

  • Mobile
  • Reward
  • Leader
  • Safety
  • Driver

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Telematics changes everything

From claims to sales and marketing to your relationships with consumers, telematics changes everything. CCC's Steve McKay and Mac Fraser talk telematics solutions and finding one that’s right for you.

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