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The CCC Drive ecosystem

Rapidly evolving technology has led to an explosion of telematics providers. Data collection companies sit in one corner, scoring providers in another, and customer engagement providers somewhere else.

These disjointed approaches can make it seem impossible for insurers to build one cohesive, end-to-end telematics strategy. Fortunately CCC Drive’s dynamic, scalable solutions provide a better way—an open IoT framework that brings third-party telematics services directly to you.

Our agnostic approach means insurers can choose the best ecosystem providers to meet their unique objectives. And providers get a flexible, scalable platform to rapidly deliver their innovations to carriers.

The CCC Drive ecosystem is growing all the time.  If you’re an insurance carrier, get in touch to hear the latest.  If you’re a telematics provider, contact us to learn how you can join the framework  built with developers in mind.

I’m an insurance carrier

I’m a telematics provider

Data collection

Create a Futureproof™ telematics program by accessing OEM, installed, and mobile data through a single connection on our integrated platform.


Get new insights by testing and deploying your preferred scoring providers, seamlessly and in real-time.

Consumer engagement

Continuously impress, reward, and provide feedback to your customers, with the easy adoption of new apps, interfaces, and gamification programs.


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