Our open approach

Invest in more than a telematics product. Invest in a full-service IoT framework that solves today’s business challenges—and tomorrow’s.

Go beyond traditional data

Device-agnostic data collection

  • Installed
  • Mobile
  • OEM

Our unique framework gives you the freedom to explore our ecosystem of data collection options and select the ones that truly work best for your business.

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Powerful analytics

Raw data

Our proprietary standardization process accepts raw data from all input types, allowing you to adapt to rapidly changing technology with minimal disruption.

Event grouping

We group raw data into significant driving events, preparing it for analysis and testing.


We then apply any scoring methodology—CCC Drive's, your own, or a third-party provider’s—to analyze event groups to determine consequential actions and values, such as rapid accelerations and hard stops.

Meaningful data delivery

We’ll distill the results into actionable formats to help you improve performance.

  • Reports
  • Scoring
  • Integration-ready data

Unlock limitless possibilities

Develop user-friendly dashboards

You and your policyholders can take a clear look at driving habits with our white-label-ready dashboards. Or, easily populate your own dashboards with the CCC Drive platform.

Create personalized UBI programs

Every policyholder is different. Tailor your program to give customers greater choice and to allow you to provide competitive and accurate rates to your best drivers with confidence.

Engage your customers

Make your telematics program more marketable by using context-rich data to gamify the insurance process, provide feedback, send alerts, and reward safe drivers.

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  • Rewards
  • Alerts
  • Gamification

Process claims more accurately and efficiently

  • Intake and Assign
  • Evaluate and Review
  • Restore and Settle
  • Measure and Optimize

Transform your claims handling with the data and claims management know-how that comes from more than 30 years of experience. On average, we process more than one million claims-related transactions per day—making CCC Drive an essential partner to deliver the promise of telematics in claims.

Full-service support

Past initial program design, CCC Drive is a partner who’s with you every step of the way. Our communication channels are always open to ensure your telematics investment is well implemented and operations are running smoothly. And our subject matter experts will keep you informed of emerging technologies to ensure that you always have a Futureproof® program.


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