Smart Estimate

Create estimates faster with CCC® Smart Estimate.

Powered by AI, Smart Estimate works in tandem with CCC® Quick Estimate to identify potential vehicle damage and digitally generate a detailed estimate for review by the adjuster.

Tax Automation
Central Rates and Taxes

Using 3rd party sourced tax data, this add-on solution automatically integrates hyper-localized rates for repairable vehicles into staff written claims or auto-generated estimates according to insurer parameters.

Using existing integrations, CRT: Tax Automation supplements an insurer’s own review, reducing the need for continual monitoring and maintenance of a central tax database, helping prevent tax discrepancies, and supporting a quick, touchless claims process.

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The world’s leading AI-powered estimating tool for APD claims, Smart Estimate delivers on the vision of straight-through processing and an end-to-end digital claims experience for insurers and policyholders. Learn more about our advanced AI technology here.

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