Smart Red
Flag Detection

What it does

Powered by AI, CCC Smart Red Flag Detection uncovers discrepancies such as multiple filings for the same damage, duplicate VINs, odometer disparities, or garaging errors early in the claims lifecycle.

With the Cross Carrier analysis feature, appraisers and investigative teams are alerted to duplicate filings across participating carriers in the CCC network and have the ability to review, expanding opportunities to identify suspicious activity.

This new visibility leads to improved assessment accuracy, faster claims resolution and fewer fraudulent payouts.

Data Privacy

As digitally submitted claims rise, the potential for duplicate filings increases. Carriers across the industry recognize the benefit of contributing to a secure, anonymous database of cross carrier claim details to improve industry-wide fraud detection. CCC has made security of the shared data and the scrubbing of carrier identifiers within this collective system a priority.


Advanced AI technology enhances the claims process making the experience intuitive for customers and effortless for insurance carriers. With remarkable accuracy, CCC’s algorithms can analyze a single photo, detect prior damage, and flag the submission for further review to help insurers mitigate risk and deliver smarter, more personalized coverage to the customer.

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