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Revolutionize the way you review claims


Let CCC Focus work for you

CCC Focus offers predictive recommendations based on your rules to help your reinspectors quickly identify repair estimates that need their attention – saving time and making the review process smoother than ever.

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CCC Focus predicts what estimates may need your attention based on your rules and helps you seamlessly collaborate with shops to perform reinspections, communicate estimate changes and receive supplements—all from within the CCC ONE software platform, saving you time.

Optimize Your Workflow

CCC Focus quickly identifies repair estimates that need your attention based on specific characteristics you select, including:

The Predictive Analytics Decision Engine will then automatically prioritize estimates based on your rules.

CCC ONE Focus will help you rapidly determine which estimates to review first.

Communicate estimate changes directly to the shops, enabling them to perform necessary reinspections and create repair supplements, without ever leaving the CCC ONE software platform.

automatically Prioritize ESTIMATES FOR REVIEW

Once an estimate is created in CCC® Estimating, the audit score, estimate data, and insurance carrier rules are used to help you determine which estimates can be automatically approved, and which may require further review, helping your prioritize estimates for reinspection.

Easily request and track supplements

Review repair estimates efficiently and collaborate with shops to fix them – seamlessly from within the CCC ONE software platform.

Rethink Reinspection with CCC® Focus

Make reviewing claims easier than ever.

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