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Performance. Informed decision-making. Policyholder satisfaction. Reduced LAE.

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The right combination of technology, business data and industry expertise, along with a direct
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" CCC’s solutions help us keep our customers happy - rental days are reduced and the customer is back in their own car in fewer days. "

Barb Elking
Sr. Claims Manager
Celina Insurance Group
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Transforming the Claims Process with Telematics

How far could you transform that process if you had detailed, sensor-based information about the crash at the exact time it occurred? Telematics and driving data can help you do exactly that.

Disruption and Managing Change

Introducing meaningful changes for sustained improvements requires focus and diligence. How are you managing change for your organization?

2016: What About Claim Frequency?

Increases in auto claim frequency have been a topic of great interest to all in our industry. Miles driven, gas prices and other factors play a key role in driving this trend.

Appraiser Effectiveness: How Does your Staff Stack Up?

Understanding the true effectiveness of appraisers can become too cumbersome. Learn how you can easily scale this activity across your appraisers.

Telematics at the Point of Claim

Bringing telematics data to the claims organization holds tremendous promise, both for the insurer and the consumer. The problem, though, is how to operationalize telematics data.

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CCC Total Loss Care is an end-to-end solution that provides insurers, drivers, and lenders with a single point of connection. Identify a total loss before an appraiser is even engaged. Obtain a lien payoff and title release in days not weeks.


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