Crash Course 2019

Technology Innovation in the Automotive Industry is Forcing Us to Rethink Everything.

For years, people have owned and driven their cars and called their insurance companies when they got into accidents. But that’s all changing.

  • Own your car? Maybe, but increasingly people are opting to forgo the hassle of car ownership in exchange for ride-sharing services.
  • Drive your car? For the most part, yes. But advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are growing quickly.
  • Call your agent when you get into an accident? The rise of telematics and AI is turning this process on its head, too. Consumers are increasingly expecting their agents to contact them after an accident – not the other way around.

Technology is making us rethink the way automakers, insurers, repairers and part suppliers do business, and this is only the beginning.

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Early data on ride-hailing and AVs being tested on real-world streets today underscore the need to consider how these dramatic changes to personal mobility will change demands on vehicle ownership, driving patterns, insurance, accident frequency, infrastructure, public transportation, and more. …. Knowing how to use technology to cater the claims and vehicle repair experience to each distinct customer will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention and growth.

A snapshot of this year’s report.

The graphics above are just a small sample of the powerful insights you’ll find in this report. To trace the evolution of the industry and learn what these trends mean for the future of your business, take a closer look inside.

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