Success through Partnership

Success in today’s collision repair business often requires strong DRP (Direct Repair Program) relationships. In the past, maintaining those relationships required regular performance reviews or self-management using compliance tools. But with CCC’s DRP Software, repair professionals can manage by exception. That means consistent quality, satisfied insurers, and more free time to operate and grow your business.

Consistent & Accurate

Estimates are automatically checked against shop rules or insurer established guidelines, and line items that fall outside the rules are highlighted before they are submitted, helping to improve accuracy and reduce supplements and cycle time.

Improved Performance

Built-in dashboards measure performance against internal goals, industry benchmarks, and insurer established guidelines, making it easier to improve shop performance.

Better Insurer Relationships

Build stronger relationships with your insurance partners with measured performance and better communication.

Use shared guidelines to help keep you compliant with insurer established guidelines, so that you can focus on what you do best. Our benchmark reports are driven by the largest, most reliable collision repair database in the industry, on a single, mobility-enabled, highly-reliable technology platform.