Carwise/CSI Dispute Policy

CCC customers may dispute the validity, results or comments of an individual survey and ask that the disputed survey be removed from the result set provided by CCC which forms the basis of the customer satisfaction ratings.

CCC does not verify the content of surveys and cannot remove the survey—or the corresponding review posted on the Carwise website—simply because there is a disagreement about the contents. Apart from a court order mandating the removal of a survey or review, CCC will not remove it unless it is clearly obvious from the comments that the survey or review violates the Terms and Conditions.

CCC will only consider removing a survey or review for one of the following reasons:

If you believe a survey or review meets one of the above criteria, you can dispute it by sending an email to The email must contain the following information for the dispute to be processed:

The email request must be received within 10 business days after the survey or review was completed. An email response with CCC’s decision approved/rejected) will be provided within 5 business days of email receipt. If a dispute is approved, the review will be removed within 5 business days after approval. CCC retains the right to update this policy at any time without notice.