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Accident Advisor

For the minutes after an accident, there’s CCC Accident Advisor.

Today’s connected vehicles are advancing the safety of our roadways and the points of connection with consumers. Relationships with insurance companies no longer start at quote or claim. Relationships with automotive manufacturers no longer end at point of purchase. Today, these relationships extend to the point of impact.


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Connected vehicles and CCC X connect insurers and auto manufacturers to drivers at the point of impact so they can provide guidance and comfort.


Raw, real-time OEM telematics data flows to the CCC X data exchange where it is converted to actionable insights. Having detected a collision and its approximate severity, it allows clients to support the driver as appropriate. For less severe incidents, clients can immediately text the driver a link to access the Accident Advisor app.

The Accident Advisor app leads the driver through post-collision steps and provides guidance on capturing post-incident crash facts and photos, alerting insurance, and finding a repair facility.

Drivers can easily submit crash documentation to participating insurers without exiting the Accident Advisor app. This injects unprecedented immediacy into the beginning of the claims resolution process.


CCC Accident Advisor powers this point of connection. Built on the hyperscale CCC X data exchange with the capacity to capture every turn, every brake, every sensor collected by a connected vehicle. With connections so advanced, telematics data can detect an incident and triage the severity instantly.

CCC Total Loss Care Improves Efficiency for Auto Lenders

 Auto lenders may not receive notice of a total loss until days or weeks after an incident, extending cycle times for what is already a time-consuming, multi-touch, and manual claims process. But with CCC Total Loss Care – Lienholder Portal, lenders can receive earlier notice of total loss from participating insurers, helping them proactively manage the claims process and deliver a streamlined customer experience.

CCC Trends with Susanna Gotsch - Increase Risk of an Open Road

  COVID-19 is dramatically changing driving behavior nationwide. While claims and miles driven are decreasing, one thing has increased – drivers’ appetite for risk. The reduction in U.S. daily trips taken and miles driven resulted in 65 percent less miles traveled in April 2020 versus January 2020. Speeding during COVID-19 increased by 27 percent. In this July edition of CCC Trends, Susanna Gotsch analyzes what industry trends are driving the increase in risk, accident severity, and more. Download the full PDF report here.

CCC Reports Strong Industry Adoption of Parts eCommerce and Marketing Capabilities

CCC announces today significant growth in the adoption of its parts eCommerce and marketing capabilities, signaling a shift in how collision parts are promoted and purchased within the industry. The volume of electronic parts orders through its system by collision repairers has grown nearly 20x over four years. The company also reports that daily live parts quotes delivered by participating CCC® Parts Network suppliers grew from 12 million to 20 million year over year. The CCC Parts Network connects a dynamic community of collision parts buyers and sellers using a single platform, improving sales, and delivering efficiencies for everyone involved. CCC processes 24 million auto repair estimates and $13 billion in parts annually. “With CCC, we can connect with suppliers and purchase parts without needing to visit multiple websites or manually reconcile invoices,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO, Classic Collision. “For as long as I’ve been in business, parts ordering has been cumbersome and time-consuming. Too many phone calls, faxes, and emails. CCC’s technology stands out for its seamless integration into our estimating workflow. One system, one process, beginning to end.” Automotive dealer participation in the CCC Parts Network has grown 50 percent year-over-year and a majority of automakers now use CCC's promotional parts offering. “As the industry experiences some uncertainty, wholesale parts sales have taken center stage," said Robert Troub, Wholesale Parts Manager, Zeigler Automotive of Orland Park. “CCC has the industry’s most comprehensive solution, allowing us to present our parts, availability, and promotional pricing at the point of decision. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth, which slows down a process that requires expediency. We have realized tremendous value using CCC.” Beyond seamless connections, CCC offers network participants a unique suite of tools that support real-time parts quoting, upfront promotional pricing, integrated parts ordering, invoice and rebate processing, and analytics. Capabilities are integrated to create a single continuous workflow, increasing part visibility as estimates are being written, delivering efficiency, and offering supplier insights to inform parts-related decisions. CCC integrates with leading DMS providers. "The CCC solution is central to our parts strategy," said John Lancaster, National Wholesale Parts Manager, Subaru of America, Inc. "The platform's dynamic workflow solutions automatically present our parts for applicable estimates directly within the estimating application, resulting in improved parts-ordering and rebate processing efficiency." Added Andreas Hecht, GM, senior vice president, OEM services group, CCC: “The strong growth of our parts business and rapid adoption of our solutions by automakers and their wholesale dealers suggests we’ve entered into a new era of parts sales and management. By integrating and automating the parts marketing and sales processes, users realize fewer parts returned, shorter cycle times, and increased sales. We’re proud to help the industry advance and are excited to connect even more parties to our network.” The CCC Parts Network includes original equipment, aftermarket, and recycled parts suppliers. Learn more about CCC parts eCommerce and marketing capabilities for collision repairers, dealers, and aftermarket and recycled parts suppliers.

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