Accident Advisor

For the minutes after an accident, there’s CCC Accident Advisor.

Today’s connected vehicles are advancing the safety of our roadways and the points of connection with consumers. Relationships with insurance companies no longer start at quote or claim. Relationships with automotive manufacturers no longer end at point of purchase. Today, these relationships extend to the point of impact.


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Connected vehicles and CCC X connect insurers and auto manufacturers to drivers at the point of impact so they can provide guidance and comfort.


Raw, real-time OEM telematics data flows to the CCC X data exchange where it is converted to actionable insights. Having detected a collision and its approximate severity, it allows clients to support the driver as appropriate. For less severe incidents, clients can immediately text the driver a link to access the Accident Advisor app.

The Accident Advisor app leads the driver through post-collision steps and provides guidance on capturing post-incident crash facts and photos, alerting insurance, and finding a repair facility.

Drivers can easily submit crash documentation to participating insurers without exiting the Accident Advisor app. This injects unprecedented immediacy into the beginning of the claims resolution process.


CCC Accident Advisor powers this point of connection. Built on the hyperscale CCC X data exchange with the capacity to capture every turn, every brake, every sensor collected by a connected vehicle. With connections so advanced, telematics data can detect an incident and triage the severity instantly.

Industry Trends with Susanna Gotsch – February 2020

In this month's edition of CCC Industry Trends, Susanna Gotsch analyzes the opportunities and challenges our industry will face as new technology transforms mobility-- from autonomous vehicles, voice technology, IoT hardware, 5G connectivity, intelligent automation, industrial software, robotics, semiconductors, extended reality, to quantum computing. Shifting demographics, increased cost of repair, slowing vehicle sales, and changing consumer expectations are causing vehicle companies to be nimbler than ever before. Automakers are exploring new avenues of revenue and recreating themselves as personal mobility companies versus simply car companies. To check out the rest of the #CCCTrends series, visit CCC’s YouTube channel. Download the full pdf here.

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Join CCC at Booth #5759N Add our booth to your NADA exhibitors list.  As more body shops order collision parts online, your dealership needs a solution that helps you compete. Stop by our NADA booth this year to learn how CCC Parts can help you reach the right customers while also streamlining transactions. The 2020 NADA Show exhibits bring together the top industry leaders, manufacturers, and auto dealerships to discuss the latest tools, tactics, and industry technology. Learn how CCC solutions can connect you to a network of 25,000 repair shops and make an impact on your bottom line. We look forward to meeting you at NADA 2020! Learn more about CCC's automotive dealer solutions.  

Industry Trends with Susanna Gotsch – January 2020

Did you know that in metro areas, nearly half of trips taken are less than three miles? Micro mobility solutions like shared bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters are cropping up all over cities with large populations, providing new opportunities for connected data. In this month's edition of CCC Trends, Susanna Gotsch analyzes the emergence of micro-mobility solutions and its' implications for our industry. To check out the rest of the #CCCTrends series, visit CCC’s YouTube channel. Download the full pdf here.

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