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For the minutes following an accident, there's CCC® Accident Advisor

Safe, Informed and In Control

There are more than 13 million car accidents every year in the United States. After collisions, drivers are left to deal with damaged vehicles, looming insurance claims, and all the confusion and uncertainty that comes with them.

With Accident Advisor, automakers can now offer post-accident guidance services combining telematics, mobile and artificial intelligence to provide the industry’s first end-to-end post-collision experience for OEMs, insurers and drivers.

How can CCC Accident Advisor help?

Helps OEMs Provide Peace of Mind

Using the OEM’s telematics crash data to provide actionable insights, CCC empowers OEMs to immediately connect to drivers after an accident by texting a link to the Accident Advisor app. Drivers are then guided through the post-collision process.

Helps Insurers Get a Head Start on Claims

From on-scene photos to collision documentation, CCC Accident Advisor allows vital information to be delivered to insurance providers. Using this information, insurers can guide drivers through post-collision checklists and claims processes.

Helps both OEMs and Insurers Inspire Confidence in Drivers

CCC Accident Advisor brings the power, ease and convenience of mobile apps to the post-collision experience. CCC Accident Advisor helps OEMs and insurers provide guidance and comfort to their customers following a crash.

Make Life Less Complicated After an Accident
with CCC Accident Advisor

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